Next Gen Nokia : Windows Phone 8

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Nokia Lumia 920

@evleaks recently leaked two of the upcoming flagship products from Nokia packing Windows latest offering Windows Phone 8 . One is a 4.5 inch screen Nokia Lumia 920 with Pureview camera and another a 4.3 inch variant named Nokia Lumia 820 .

The devices are not yet officially announced but the images were posted on twitter by @eveleaks . Well we will have to wait and watch till 5th of this month when Nokia would be launching the latest models .

Nokia Lumia 920 will come packed with the most hyped pureview camera technology . Though the pictures do not actually indicate the presence of the huge pureview sensors .

These devices will be very important in determining the future of Nokia . Though the previous devices did raise some eyebrows in the market , they didn’t do exceptionally well . Nokia had to slash the rates by a huge margin to sell their previous products .

The other problem is that the present devices will not receive the Windows Phone 8 update. Hopefully these future devices will be able to do so .

The leaked pictures suggest colorful variants thus it would be more appealing to the general market . Hopefully these devices will be reasonably priced to compete with the other bigwigs in the market .

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Nokia Lumia 820

Via : TheVerge

Source : evleaks


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