App Review: ZDbox (Android App)


As power Android user myself using a mid range phone I have encountered a lot of problems. The RAM fills up pretty fast and the battery drops down within the day. After installing at least 10-15 apps one would encounter so much unwanted/unused data or cache that unnecessarily clogs up your storage. And no matter how much you clean up your RAM some apps self start and slows down your phone.

ZDbox does help a lot to manage most of these problems.

  • Task Killer : ZDbox has a unique task killer . One can check which app they want to kill and which app they wouldn’t mind running. You could  even set it to automatically kill all the tasks on screen lock. For rooted users , one could also completely stop any of the self starting apps and avoid slowing down of your phone.
  • Uninstaller: With this app you could uninstall single apps as well as batch uninstall (Multiple apps).
  • App to SD: One could easily move apps to SD card all at once. And the best part is when an app is installed ,  ZDbox app will notify you if you can move it to the SD card.
  • History Eraser: You could easily erase your history with this appwhich includes  browser history,market search history,Google Map search history,Gmail search history and Clipboard.
  • Cache Cleaner: All the cache that accumulates can be erased in a jiffy.
  • App Lock: If you don’t fancy people checking out your apps and want to keep it protected , with ZDbox you could protect the apps with either a pattern or a password.
  • Battery Information: It provides vital battery information and allows you to start battery saver mode by turning of most of the sensors.


The app comes with a neat array of widgets that can be customized to control most of the sensors and controls. You could kill task from the widget which is pretty cool. And you could even get the battery percentage on the notification bar. A few of these features are incorporated in the latest Android editions , but for people using the older versions like Gingerbread this app could ease the pain of installing various apps.  The developers at ZDbox have promised great new features for the upcoming version like file encryption, Ad block and find your phone.


The Megapixel War


At a time when screen sizes are defying human hands and redefining the term “large screen” , Nokia is all set to wage the Megapixel war in hope to claim the market share that they previously owned.

The 41 Mega Pixel laden Nokia Lumia 1020 is all set to release today. According to the recent leaks by Vizileaks the 1020 will sport the PureView technology that we first saw in the  Nokia PureView 808 released earlier.

So what do you get out of a 41 Megapixel camera ? 


Well, aside from a huge bulge on the back of the phone , it does pack one of the most powerful sensors and lens made for a smart phone or even a digital camera. One important thing is that you usually wouldn’t take a picture at 38/34 Megapixel as it would result to a very huge image size and you would probably run out of storage space in some time.


What the engineers back at Nokia have successfully achieved is a concept of oversampling. Higher Megapixels lead to storage problems. So the one way to solve this was to essentially keep the clarity and color information of the image intact and compress the pixels in order to get a decent 5 megapixel image. This way you would get brilliant images even at low light conditions.

One other thing is the Zoom feature. In order to get a decent 3x zoom one would have to sacrifice on the clarity of an image on any smart phone. The only way to get great zoom and still maintain the clarity was to attach one of those motorized lenses which would naturally bulk it up further. So the Engineers at Nokia decided to go for loss less optical zoom. With this feature one can zoom in and not worry of any loss in the picture clarity.

These days when digital cameras have taken a hit and almost every one is out there creating great content with their smart phone cameras , Lumia 1020 will will definitely add to the quality. But when it comes to viewing on smaller screens , will it really matter remains to be answered. The added bulge on the back and the weight of the device also comes into play for daily/power users.

Next Gen Nokia : Windows Phone 8

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Nokia Lumia 920

@evleaks recently leaked two of the upcoming flagship products from Nokia packing Windows latest offering Windows Phone 8 . One is a 4.5 inch screen Nokia Lumia 920 with Pureview camera and another a 4.3 inch variant named Nokia Lumia 820 .

The devices are not yet officially announced but the images were posted on twitter by @eveleaks . Well we will have to wait and watch till 5th of this month when Nokia would be launching the latest models .

Nokia Lumia 920 will come packed with the most hyped pureview camera technology . Though the pictures do not actually indicate the presence of the huge pureview sensors .

These devices will be very important in determining the future of Nokia . Though the previous devices did raise some eyebrows in the market , they didn’t do exceptionally well . Nokia had to slash the rates by a huge margin to sell their previous products .

The other problem is that the present devices will not receive the Windows Phone 8 update. Hopefully these future devices will be able to do so .

The leaked pictures suggest colorful variants thus it would be more appealing to the general market . Hopefully these devices will be reasonably priced to compete with the other bigwigs in the market .

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Nokia Lumia 820

Via : TheVerge

Source : evleaks

8 Reasons To Use Friendcaster For Facebook And Ditch The Official App (Android)


Facebook has been getting a lot of flak for its Facebook App for Android from a long time now . Not only is it buggy and slow , every update that has been released creates more problems .

On the wake of Facebook’s IPO, Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg informed that they will be concentrating more on mobile devices . But with the continuing under-performance of the official app , one must start looking at alternatives if not already .

Though there have been improvements in the User Interface recently , the whole experience is woefully buggy .


After using both the apps (Friendcaster and Official FB app) and testing it thoroughly I have listed 10 reasons for ditching the Official App for Friendcaster .


  • Initial Start-up Time : It took a painfully long 9 secs to get anything on the screen after tapping on the icon whereas Friendcaster took less than 3 secs to start-up.
  • Notification : This took around 10 secs to load while it took less than a second to load in FriendCaster .
  • Messages : Messages  took around 8 secs to load and 2 secs compared to FriendCaster
  • Profile Pages : This was the longest wait ever . My profile page took over 14 secs ! to load whereas it took only 3 secs to open in Friendcaster.
  • Facebook Pages : Facebook pages are better organised in the official app but takes around 11 secs to open compared to 4 secs in Friendcaster .
  • Photos : Opening a photograph took around 12 secs in the Official app and it took less than half of that using Friendcaster .
  • Push Notifications : This is where Friendcaster is clearly a winner . The user interface and speed of the notification is amazingly brillliant . I have used the Official app for a long time now , and I have noticed that push notification is pathetic , and most often redundant .
  • User Experience : The official Facebook App has a very iPhone feel to it . Like most of the other apps it just is another iPhone clone . Friendcaster makes use of the Andoid User design guidelines ,making the app much faster and easier to flip through .

What’s really intriguing me is the fact that Facebook has access to  every inch of their servers and internal API’s but still a third party developer is making faster and better application .


Note : These results are based on the tests made under the following parameters.

  1. Device : Lg Optimus One
  2. OS : Android 2.2.2 (Froyo)
  3. Connection : 2G at (15-25kbps)


Instagram | Android | Awesomeness

Instagram profile on Statigram

Some things come around and completely change the way you see things . Google gave you the power to search webpages on your finger tips . Facebook made it easier to meet your friends and family any time you want . Instagram serves you a similar feeling . It lets you capture the world with your lens and makes it beautiful . Well there are plenty of apps that can do just the same . So what does Instagram do better ?

For starters Instagram is one of the most simplest apps i have ever used on my Android device . It works seamlessly and is smooth to operate . What i like the most is it does not behave like an iphone clone . Not that i hate iPhone but usually some apps look like they where created for iPhone and then ripped off to make  an Android version . This app makes use of the android icons and feels great to operate .

What strikes me is the simplicity with which this app works . Publishing a photo is only 4 clicks away . And to do justice to this review i did download a dozen photo sharing and editing apps . Most of them work pretty well and do everything they claim to . But none of them combine the flow and simplicity of Instagram .

Instagram brings the photographer out of everyone . Initially I was hesitant in using this app , but when  i saw what it did to my photograph , i was amazed .  This app takes social networking seriously and not only does it have its own huge network , but there is also an option to share to various social networking sites .

Instagram’s network might come out to be a little flat , because it uses a completely different method to discover new people and their photography . There is a button for  popular photos , where  most popular photos are displayed , and then you could search for hashtags as well as photos favorited by the people you follow .

What i really appreciate is the support team . It took them only a day to fix most of the crucial bugs that cropped up initially . Since the release there have been a lot of updates . The recent one with the tilt-shift feature . This feature is one of the best in its class . Some other apps like Cymera do have this feature but do not do justice to the blurring .

My only fear is Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram . And to add to this fear is the recent release of the Facebook Camera App . I only hope facebook does not kill Instagram , like the way it killed Snaptu and other services it bought .

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